monochrome, finally a bathroom cabinet full of surprises!


New technologies, new materials and a design that wouldn't look out of place outside the bathroom.  Alke's Monochrome range doesn't just keep within the lines with its colours, it actually redefines them.


No walls but open spaces - that's how we will be living tomorrow.  In homes with a bathroom that opens out into the bedroom or dressing room, that bathroom has to be stylishly designed.  Not with the umpteeth  vanity-and-cabinet combination, but with a piece of furniture that has real character.  We wanted to get away from the old design stereotype.  It had to be something that would look just as good in your living room.


Available in white and grey anthracite.


Washbasin and fronts of drawers in solid surface: product information and maintenance 


height lines

1295 mm
1545 mm



600 mm

800 mm
1000 mm

1200 mm



500 mm

washbasins (thickness 80 MM)