Play Quadro Space Line with doors

Play quadro space line, for much space 


This piece of furniture with a depth of 54 cm with flat fronts  is very budget friendly, whithout lowering your comfort level. 


Enlarge your storage space by adding a middle or tall cabinet to your bathroom composition.   


A wide choice in washbasins:  mineral marble M1 or M2, glossy or top solid, or a ceramic washbasin C1.  The washbasins have 1 basin, central or decentral, or 2 washbasins.


Height lines

560 mm




800 mm

900 mm (only C1)
1000 mm
1200 mm



1200 mm (only M1)

1400 mm (only M1)

1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm



540 mm


Mineral marble M1




Mineral marble M2


Ceramic C1