Square C2

Square, a contemporary and slim design


Pure elegance with a lovely rythm in horizontal elements.  The ase units with doors or drawers - with flat fronts - offer a very slim composition thanks to their depth of only 46cm.  For smaller bathrooms, this Square even exists with a depth of 39cm (see Square C3).

The massive wooden drawer divider in the (inner) drawer under each basin offers even more storage space, next to the already existing storage comfort. 


Ceramic or porcelain is both a classic and innovative material, and is very maintenance friendly.  Thanks to the ceramic top layer, the washbasin keeps is gloss, even after years of use. They are scratch and heat resistant, and UV radiation does not stand a chance. 


The C2 ceramic washbasin with its thickness of only 15mm offers a ultra thin look, which makes it suit perfectly in both a modern and classic bathroom. 



Ceramic washbasins:
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Discover our 'on measure' solutions with washbasins in solid surface. 



height lines

267 mm
399 mm
560 mm

854 mm(for plinth)



600 mm

750 mm

800 mm

900 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm


900 mm
1200 mm

1200 mm


460 mm

washbasins (thickness 15 MM)