Free-hanging mirrors

Mirror panel on frame

Height: 560 mm or 731 mm

Available in widts 350 mm up to 2400 mm

Mirror on frame with IR-switch*


Can be combined with:

  • led canopy with functional led lighting (picture)
  • chrome led light fixture
  • ambient led lighting 
  • mirror heating

On demand: custom size mirror

*No IR switch provided in the free hanging mirror within the Play-it.

Free-hanging mirror Basic

Height: 600 mm

Available in widths: 450 mm up to 1400 mm

Chromed sides with led lighting

IR-swith right below 

Mirror with integrated led lighting above and below

Height: 560 mm

Widths from 500 mm up to 2000 mm

Mirror on frame

IR-swith right below

Mirror Wing

Ideal with bath furniture set Wing

Mirror panel with turnable led lighting in chrome

With glass shelve

Height: 780 mm

Switch right

Tiltable mirror on frame

Ideal for wheelchair users or disabled persons 

Height: 998 mm

Width: 560 mm

With led canopy 

Inox handle 

Without switch