The first mirror to reflect both front and back simultaneously

When we are in the bathroom, we have to contort ourselves in strange ways in order to reach the back of our head, our neck or back. The new mirror concept reflects the front and back of the body at once and makes things quite a bit easier for us. Style your hair, shave neck hair, clasp on a chain... all this is now possible with no effort: unadulterated bathroom comfort!


The mirror cabinet consists of two pivoting panels with mirrors on either side. A camera is integrated in the inner side of the left panel. Functional LED lighting helps you get a perfect view of the back of your head, your neck and back.


A screen is built into the mirror of the right panel in a subtle manner to display the image obtained. The compact
camera streams the images in real time and high definition. You immediately see every action you perform, displayed without delay in smooth and razor sharp images.


However, the real issue here is comfort. All you have to do is unfold the panels, stand between them, and you’re ready to start. Just as simple as using our traditional bathroom mirrors. And just as beautiful and elegant.