Alke, emperor in the empire of bathroom furniture

When Koen, Hans and Bart De Keyzer joined father Willy’s business, Group De Keyzer was born. Together they head a modern and healthy company, and provide work to more than 100 enthusiastic employees. A production unit covering more than 3 hectares houses various production lines.


For more than 30 years, the De Keyzer family has been designing and producing the sensational bathroom furniture with the Alke brand. With an indomitable passion for sustainable materials and advanced techniques, with permanent attention to high-quality comfort in every bathroom.


Alke collaborates with leading top designers. They strive continuously for comfort without compromise, for quality without concessions. With an eye for the smallest detail, they push the standard of bathroom furniture to the highest possible levels. The only standard for Alke is perfection!

Alke & De Keyzer, one talented team

Group De Keyzer is well aware that a company is only as strong as its weakest link. Which is why management is continually investing in human capital, the company’s most valuable asset.

De Keyzer has a nose for talent. By creating optimal working conditions, the group continuously manages to surround itself with a host of young, creative and enthusiastic employees, supplemented by a healthy portion of experience.

It is now home to more than 100 enthusiastic employees. All hold the Alke ideals high on their agenda: hard work, perseverance, with love for the profession and the company, each with his or her specialisation, searching for new trends.
An Alke expert has only one goal: to provide the highest possible service.
In addition to Alke, there is also Dekeyzer - finesse in kitchen and interior, and together they form Group De Keyzer.

Group De Keyzer, 100 % belgian and synonymous for quality

Alke’s product line is flexible, its quality policy strict, in each business process of our in-house production. Alke is strict on itself and on its suppliers. As a trendsetter, Alke works only with the most sustainable materials. Thus the group confirms its commitment each day to a long-term relationship, with its customers as well as its suppliers.

Alke bathroom furniture is unconditionally guaranteed with respect to: sustainability, safety, user comfort and the highest levels of design.

In addition, all Alke bathroom furniture is perfectly protected against water damage, thanks to the patented ‘Water Resistant System’.

In addition, all the wood in your Alke bathroom furniture is PEFC certified.

The Designers Collection, mother of customisation

Good news for the retail trade! With the Designers Collection, Alke is meeting a pressing demand from specialist dealers looking for more customisation options. The Designers Collection is the perfect answer to this need.

From now on, the customer can make efficient use of all the space in his or her bathroom. Extra matching furniture is available as an extension to the existing standard range: an extra cabinet, a second washbasin, a chest of drawers or an extra sideboard.

The Designers Collection gives the specialist dealer many options tailored to its customers.

Alke's creativity, basis for innovation

Alke works closely with top designers (including Axel Enthoven – Hilow, Fabiaan Van Severen, Alain Berteau – Monochrome). In addition, we are constantly searching the market for new fashion trends in bathroom interiors. One of our brainstorming sessions, for example, was the basis for the Designers Collection, a totally innovative concept within the bathroom sector.

In addition to general user research, we also listen directly to the tips from our showroom sales people who in turn pass on the comments and advice from their customers. Thus Alke regularly integrates innovative techniques in our bathroom collections, contributing to our reputation as a trendsetter in bathroom furniture. The Smart Mirror is one such surprising innovation that is finding its way to many a bathroom.


Alke also likes to experiment with new materials, often in collaboration with like-minded companies and scientific research centres.

Alke gives a new dimension to enjoying comfortably

Diversity colours the world. Also the world of the bathroom. 


Sleek modern, timeless classic or boldly fashionable. Alke strives for the ultimate combination of comfort, user-friendliness and beauty in each piece of bathroom furniture.

For whatever style you prefer, Alke always has a ready answer.

Comfort, serenity, warmth, balance, tenderness, space.


Alke wants it all, for women, for men,
for parents, for children,
for family, for friends. For you.