Maintenance washbasin in solid surface

Wipe your solid countertop surface daily with a damp cloth and the usual, gentle cleaning agents.
Remove dirt and stains immediately.
Immediately remove adhesive and sealant residues that may have landed on your countertop during installation with turpentine or acetone, and then clean immediately.
Lime stains can best be removed with cleaning vinegar or a lime remover according to the instructions on the packaging.
Never use aggressive cleaning agents such as chlorine, oven cleaners or chemical drain cleaners.
Stubborn stains can be removed with a scouring pad and an abrasive cleaning agent (CIF). This also preserves the material’s original gloss.
The sliding of heavy objects can cause scratches.
Traces of use or scratches in the surface can be removed with the aid of an abrasive or a fine scouring pad (Scotch-Brite). In this case, to prevent differences in gloss or colour shading, it is best to treat the entire surface. In the case of greater damage or cracks, repair is possible that leaves no trace. However, this must be done by trained personnel.


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