Quadro M1

Quadro, simplicity as a virtue


The tight lines of this Quadro with flat fronts brings peace into your bathroom. 

The base units with 54cm depth with doors or with drawers (and inner drawers) offer surprisingly much storage space.

The massive wooden drawer divider in the inner drawer under each washbasin enhances this level of comfort. 

Washbasins in mineral marble are very well-liked, both by the consumer and the designer. The natural product gives the designer lots of creativity to answer the customer's high demands.  Washbasins in mineral marble are available in glossy and in mat 'top solid' finish. The advantages of mineral marble are obvious.  A washbasin in mineral marble is very resistant to scratches, wear and household chemicals. 


Specific for the washbasin Quadro M1 is his thickness of 80 mm, which gives him its robust appearance. 


Washbasins in mineral marble:
productinfo and maintenance


Discover our 'on measure' solutions with washbasins in solid surface. 


height lines 

295 mm
427 mm
560 mm

800 mm (for plinth)



800 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm



1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm


1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm



543 mm

washbasins (thickness 80 MM)