Maintenance washbasin in belgian bluestone

Before use, rub the stone washbasin with olive oil for extra protection.
Natural stone is porous. This means that it is sensitive to staining. Hence, clean immediately after spilling, keep the surface dust-free, do not allow contaminants to accumulate (make-up, water, etc.), rinse the washbasin thoroughly with water after use and dry with a soft cloth.
Acids and alkali destroy the shiny top layer. The following must absolutely not be used: acidic toilet and tile cleaners, ammonia, abrasive cleaning agents or paste, vinegar, alcohol, window cleaners, scouring pads, steel wool, lemon.

Natural stone is not resistant to all types of stains and scratches. A water-repellent sealer prevents liquids from penetrating. However, this does not mean that the countertop is fully protected. The only real protective layer is the polished top layer of the countertop. It is therefore advisable to protect the stone surface with a professional sealer at least once a year. You can purchase this at a do-it-yourself store. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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